Hi. Thanks again for reading my book and wanting to get the resources I mentioned.  I truly appreciate you making time for this. Here’s everything you’ll need to get started.

Open Middle Worksheet
First, you’ll want to download a version of the Open Middle worksheet.  It currently comes in three languages and two versions.  The student version should be printed double-sided and the doc camera version is bigger and easier to project on a screen.


Open Middle Problem Matrices at Levels One, Two, and Three
Next, you’ll want to download these matrices to share with your colleagues to get them interested in learning more about Open Middle. There are many versions including one for elementary teachers, one for secondary teachers, one for both, and ones for individual grade levels from 3rd grade through Algebra 2.


Why We Should Reconsider Using Worksheets Webinar
You might also want to check out my webinar called Why We Should Reconsider Using Worksheets (And What We Should Be Doing Instead). SPOILER: What we should be using instead are Open Middle problems. I’ve made versions for elementary school (K-5) as well as middle and high school (6-12). It’s about 45 minutes long followed by about 15 minutes of what was a live question and answer session. They’re captioned and ready for sharing with your friends and colleagues.


Student Strategy Tracker
After that, you’ll want to download a student strategy tracker to help you keep track of the strategies your students use.  Here are versions for both Google Docs and Microsoft Word.


Open Middle Problems
Are you ready for the problems?  Well you can download hundreds of ready to use problems for elementary, middle, and high school at Open Middle.

Thank you again for reading my book.  I really appreciate it and hope the resources and strategies make a difference for you, your colleagues, and your students.