Depth of Knowledge Matrix – Elementary Math

I’ve decided to expand upon my previous Depth of Knowledge Matrix that helped make it easier to distinguish between depth of knowledge levels in mathematics. While it is still useful, it didn’t cover every grade level and may be too broad in scope. So, I have made two new Depth of Knowledge Matrices: one for elementary mathematics and one for secondary mathematics. This week I am releasing the elementary mathematics matrix and next week will be secondary mathematics.

Depth of Knowledge Matrix – Elementary & Secondary Math

It’s challenging to have a conversation about depth of knowledge (DOK) when everyone has different ideas of what it is. So, I’ve decided to refine how I distinguish between DOK levels and turn it into a tool that can be used to facilitate a conversation. The two-page tool covers topics from 1st grade through high school as well as topics ranging from number sense, fractions, geometry, probability, and functions. The pictures below give you a preview of the tool and you can download it by clicking the button at the bottom of the page.