I’ve created a three-video series for math teachers with ideas for teaching math remotely. You can watch them now by clicking on the images below.


My Two Favorite Strategies For Engaging Math Students When Teaching Remotely
In the first video I’ll unpack how Open Middle problems and real world problems work well when teaching remotely including what they are, why you’d want to use them, and what teachers are saying.


Three Ways To Facilitate Open Middle Problems When Teaching Remotely
In the second video I’ll show you how you can use Open Middle problems using Google Slides when teaching live (synchronous), teaching not live (asynchronous), and using Desmos Activity Builder.


My New Favorite Way To Teach Real World Math Problems Both Remotely And In-Person
In the third video I’ll share how to use Desmos Activity Builder to facilitate real world problems remotely including what the problems look like, how to create one, and some actual student data.