How I Can Help You

My workshops help teachers implement problem-based lessons by helping them experience them from both student and teacher perspective, leading to increase students’ success with performance tasks and the Common Core State Standards.

Problems at higher depth of knowledge levels have the potential to challenge the most gifted students yet remain accessible to struggling students.  I can help teachers develop best practices for implementing them so that students persevere longer towards finding the solution.

Lesson study allows teachers to reflect on student learning by working together to identify a student learning goal, creating a lesson that addresses that learning goal, implementing the lesson, debriefing and modifying the lesson, and repeating the lesson to see the modifications’ effects.

I have trained thousands of educators on how to quickly and effectively modify their questioning by using a role-playing activity which simulates classroom pressures.  This activity results in teachers finding it easier to formatively assess students in real time and foster richer classroom conversations.

What People Are Saying
  • Robert was a dynamic trainer who presented information in an unassuming, learner-centered way, allowing teacher participants to think about their own teaching and apply the new strategies accordingly. Throughout the two days, Robert modeled sound instructional strategies as he explained the why, the what, and the how of implementing this approach to math instruction. He provided research-based excerpts, short videos, and data figures to support the approach in a way that was clear and thought-provoking to the teacher participants.

  • Mr. Kaplinsky’s presentation style is exceptional; he is able to break down the complex work of Depth of Knowledge and Problem Based Learning into something practical and tangible that teachers can take back and use the next day in their classrooms.

  • Robert successfully convinced the room of teachers and leaders that problem-based learning was not only engaging for students, but an essential piece of math learning. He changed the mindset of many from focusing all classroom time on procedural fluency, to providing a balance of procedural fluency, conceptual understand, and critical thinking in mathematics.

    During our training three teachers in separate conversations shared, “This is the best professional development I have ever attended.” And many more shared similar sentiments after the training day.

  • During his presentation, Robert provided guidance for overcoming every problem/task-based implementation impediment thrown his way, while simultaneously sharing classroom/coaching tools and modeling exemplary practice. Participants were engaged from start to finish, and left with plenty of resources and fuel for change agency. Robert Kaplinsky should be at the top of every mathematics leader’s resource list.

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