There are often times where I think I know something… until reality hits me and I realize I was very wrong. This happened to me all the time as a teacher and teacher specialist. It continues to happen to me as an educational consultant. Sometimes I narrowly avoid a disaster and sometimes I have to learn the hard way.

I was reflecting on some of the most important lessons I’ve learned and I wanted to share five of them with you.


The Four Things
The four things are:

  1. I didn’t know that my contract left me vulnerable to realistic scenarios.
  2. I didn’t know I had to make a change to my car insurance to cover me.
  3. I didn’t know what content to share freely and what to save for paid work.
  4. I didn’t know how to get on podcasts.


If any of these are things you don’t know either, I’d be happy to share what I’ve learned with you. I’ve written up everything I wish I had known into a PDF that you can download by using the button below.


Continue the Learning
If you’re a current or aspiring educational consultant and want to continue the learning, there are three more options to consider:

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